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I like to call myself because most things I Write/Publish; I have interest in myself – ‘The Author Of Mystics’ mysteries and mystics which are expressed in a few of the Books that I Wrote as well as pieces of Literature. Sample reads are available in the menu-tab above  – I’ve been an Author for about 7 plus years, recently I’ve received my 2year Blogger Anniversary with WordPress. (Major Platform for Writers, Authors and Bloggers). With the hardships that I’ve faced I kept skill-building with my Craft of Writing and learning of Foregn Languages. In the past; after long nights of being alone….(like Harry Potter) I learned more about myself – also thanks to Author Interviews I’ve had done with Ghostwriter, Editor (Chris Allredd). I’ve even conducted my own interviews for gathering information – “Panic Bracelet Independent Film” is based off of my short story “Panic Bracelet” which I’m the Writer, & Artistic Director of: Panic Bracelet Independent Film is  very low-budget however there are insights….Environmental Awareness. and Dark Humour. STELLAR acting by Noah Ching (5:00 -12:30) – Youtube: Panic Bracelet Independent Film. 

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