Author to Reader:

I’m the Author of Mystics:) – 2017 I self-published 6 Books each having its own theme and topic of mystic interest. After one of my Books was denied Publishing I took a few off of my Author Sales Page:

“The informal fiXXX” Early works of my Literature: Poetry, Creative Haiku, and  Prose, displaying the ‘Pros’ and cons of being an Author.

“Spirits of fog series”  Science-fiction Paranormal Thriller. Three compiled Short Stories. Josh no longer thinks car headlights look like eerie orbs, he gets himself into a new Adventure in Spirits of fog 2. The hard copy has some custom illustrations that I drew with the slight Art skills that I have:)

“Village of black. ink”  Commemorates Native-American and Japanese culture. A work of Literature from a collection of my Writing; Touches on topics of environmental awareness, reflective love poems. This entire work includes: Poetry, Haiku, and Short Stories.


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