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I’ve been an Author for about 7 plus years, recently I’ve received my 2year Blogger Anniversary with WordPress. (Major Platform for Writers, Authors and Bloggers). With the hardships that I’ve faced I kept skill-building with my Craft of Writing and learning of Foregn Languages. In the past; after long nights of being alone….(like Harry Potter) I discovered who I am as a person. Now I have an idea and also prefrence for my Author-Funtions and Presence….  I’ve done Author Interviews, conducted my own interviews for gathering information, Me not being present with an overload of images  of myself will make Readers focus more on my works of Literature. 

‘The Author Of Mystics’ mysteries and mystics which are expressed in a few of the Books that I Wrote as well as pieces of Literature. 

2017 I Independently Self-Published a total of about 6 Books, some having custom illustrations. I discovered who I am as a person and my Writing Style as an Author.

My contact info is: 

Instagram: writer_author_t_ponder

F.B: Tevin Ponder T Ponder

However for now you can enjoy the reads that I wrote here with WordPress:)–