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Upon completion of this Work of #Literature I have ‘behind the scenes’ collaborated with Former Paranormal Researcher and Artist TIkaani Moon. The #Bookreview “I just read ‘Spirits of Fog I must say I was kind of skeptical about the story from the beginning but as I continued reading on the story began to unfold, I was able to grasp the concept and storyline. This should definitely be a book or movie” Blogger analysist Poetisizedthoughtz.

“Spirits of fog series” edition 1 of 2 #sampleread
Josh clocked out from work at 2:59a.m. He walked out of the fast food restaurant and lit a cigarette. The white tobacco smoke matched the mist in the air. After Josh finished smoking he tossed the remaining part of his cigarette then walked to his car…The road seemed like it was bombed with fog, trees looked like shadows, street lamps looked like shining orbs. Josh turned right on 90thavenue and drove into a gas station. He noticed something or somebody was blocking the doors to the entrance. He parked his car near a gas pump, got out, and cautiously walked toward the entrance. He felt relieved when he seen the store cashier standing outside. Josh bought a bottle of water, gave the cashier twenty dollars for gas, then he walked out of the store. “Hey you, have you ever read the Bible?” (Josh turned around and seen somebody standing motionless in the fog) Josh: “Some of it, but I have to leave” “You will always see, you will always see” Josh rushed to pump his gas, jumped in his car, and drove away to a stop sign. He looked at his cell phone and noticed that he missed a call from Gabriella. He tossed his phone on the empty passenger seat…. When Josh finally arrived home from work the time was 3:21am…he opened his phone and called Gabriella. Gabriella: “Hey Josh” Josh: “Do weird things happen when there’s fog outside?” Gabriella: “You always ask me crazy questions, I can’t tell you everything” Josh: “I’m being serious, why would somebody ask me about the Bible at 3:00a.m?” Gabriella: “Do you want me to spend the night with you?” Josh: “If you want to, last time you left in the middle of the night” Gabriella: “I’ll be there in ten minutes” Josh: “I’ll wait outside by the entrance, drive safe” Gabriella: “See you soon, Bye” Josh could see that Gabriella was wearing a lot of makeup. He got inside of the car and as soon as he did he started to cough. Gabriella: “So you don’t like my new perfume?” Josh: “That’s a bad smell Gabby!” Gabriella: “I call it…love potion” Josh: “Whatever, hurry up and park please” Gabriella: “I almost forgot to tell you! On my way here I almost hit somebody running in the middle of the street!” Josh: “Wow, There is something strange going on” Gabriella: “I have heard a rumor people say that if you hang around somebody that’s haunted you will become haunted too. I don’t mean to sound crazy but are you haunted Josh?” Josh: “No I’m not, I hope I’m not” Gabriella and Josh got out of her car and walked through the murky parking lot. When they arrived inside Josh’s apartment they didn’t turn on the lights, the both of them laid on the bed. A few hours later the sun raised and they woke up holding each other. Gabriella: “Happy birthday!” Josh: “Why do you always say that to me when you wake up?” Gabriella: “Don’t get mad, give me a kiss?” Josh: “Wait, when is your birthday?” Gabriella: “It doesn’t matter, give me a kiss”……Where you can find the complete Book of “Spirits of fog series” http://www.lulu.com/shop/t-ponder/spirits-of-fog-series/paperback/product-23259701.html

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