!Creative Narrative Blog. By T. Ponder:)>!

This piece of Literature is for my fellow smokers and
whoever holds interest in Narratives. There’s some smoker
terms that I want to creatively address is this title of mine:
Consistency, Circumstance, Circulation, Complications.
But first here’s a Poem:
“Sleeping With Lady Tobacco”
A night without her,
Tossing and turning without the yearning but missing the
Her perfume can change a room,
In seconds of affections,
Healing infections with smokey reflections
She appears like morning caresses
However, unaware of her tender care
She tip toes away quietly in the air
Being a smoker has a few challenges but personally most
times that I smoke is fun for me. There has been a few
times I’ve been on a Tobacco drought….Sadly On a jolly day Tobacco wasn’t astray I decided to make a
Tobacco mix at the park. All that I had in my pack was
some Writings of mine, a few books to read, and coffee in a
bottle, and Tobacco inside of a sandwich bag….
I sparked up my cigarette then soon after I noticed some
ashes from my cigarette landed near the lid part of my
coffee container….I decided to put my lit cigarette in my
beverage. What I found helpful was the blended
consistency with the taste m beverage….A good thing
about this experience was that I ended up saving some
Tobacco because I could taste the cigarette taste in my
After I finished my beverage I was on the move,
With my throat scratchy,
My coffee was ashy,
Felt like I could spare some extra Tobacco if someone
asked me,
In due time, I’ve combined several Tobacco mixes:
 Ashes in coffee
 Loose leaf tobacco itself in coffee
 Chocolate in mouth while smoking = Taste enhancer

 Pepperoni or beef jerky in mouth while smoking = Taste
When my smoke-pack was scarce, I’d use Tobacco as chew.
“The circumstance of a smokers prance can sometimes
There were times when I would entertain myself; going on a
walk just to find someone that smokes,
Sometimes, a good thing was the exchange of inhalation
with conversation.
I’ve realized not to have too much conversation, because
Tobacco and Cigarettes needs communication with
Once upon a time I was smoking with a generous cigarette
giver, in mid-conversation I almost chocked….
I may have seemed like my EXP. as a smoker was LOW but
my choke and cough was from too much conversation

Dear fellow smokers,
Isn’t it odd when your lighter disappears; after a long
conversation while smoking.
However, sometimes the vapor of Tobacco is good in my
lungs, but conversation while smoking is like doing a lunge.
Personally, smoking has helped me with my Healthy-ness:
Nasal congestion,
Chest cold,
Getting rid of odors and sometimes a new scent to my
Once upon a time,
I wasn’t on a recline, instead I smoked a cigarette while
walking. My stuffy nose opposed the vapor that flew near
my nose.

Hamaki- in Japanese means cigar. I decided to write a non￾formal Haiku.
Fluffy, puffy watashi suki
While outside, in the winter cold
Warm and cold abode; meant Tobacco smoke.
However, sometimes the truth is, when there’s negative
complications of a serious smoker. In my short story
titled “Ohana” there’s a perfect example of someone who
lets cigarettes change themselves in a negative. This work
of Literature is available in my book titled: “The informal
More works of mine are available for purchase:

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