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My short story “Ohana” is the closing piece of Literature. 

There are some unchangeable typos in my self-published book however the revised “Ohana” short story is on this page. The infomal fixxx edition two was released on my Author Sales Page  There’s Humorous & Witty breaks between my Formalized and Informal Writings. Personally, I would say the most creative is “Rainbow Writers”; Which is in harmony with an Author-Writer  face-to-face interview I did with Blogger: chrisallreddesign. This book cover was created by Clothes Designer/Artist/ Mr. Byrd.


“Ohana” #shortstory

Kimono’s mother has always been undependable. Drugs made Kimono’s mother a living nightmare, she portrayed her complete lack of mother-instinct the day she left Kimono.

Clyde has a strong bond with his daughter Kimono. Some nights he wouldn’t sleep; instead he would hold Kimono in warm blankets, some days would be his dread when he had to leave his daughter Kimono with his sister Lily. Clyde has always made barely enough money to pay for simple things he needed. When it came to Kimono, Clyde would go the distance for her: he worked several jobs, got speeding tickets, argued with his sister and several other fatherly things to make sure his daughter was safe and sound.

One day, Clyde arrived at his sister Lily’s house to pick up his daughter Kimono. When he got to the front doorstep of the large condo, he noticed the door was open. Clyde rushed inside of the building while stepping on mostly all of Kimono’s toys. The sound of crushing plastic didn’t stand a chance against Clyde’s heavy-duty work boots.

Lily: (shouted) “I’m upstairs Clyde!”

Clyde arrived in the doorway of the luxurious bathroom and stares at his sister like she was his biggest enemy ever.

Clyde: “Why would you leave the front door open…. stupid!?”

Lily: “I was in a rush, plus I knew you would be here soon”

Clyde: “You should’ve bathed her if you knew I was on my way….Matter of fact, stop what your doing, give me a towel, and you go shut the front door!”

Lily was shocked and intimidated. She hands Clyde the baby, gives him a towel, and walked out of the bathroom.

Clyde wiped soap-suds off of Kimono and kissed the top of her soft, frail, head….

Clyde arrived in the Living-room where Lily sat on the couch watching a soap-opera. Lily was cynically smiling at the blaring television screen. What makes matters even worse, is that the front door was still partially open.

Clyde: “I’m starting not to trust you Lily, you’ve been unreliable too many times. You still act like a little kid, why didn’t you shut the front door?”

Lily: “I did shut MY front door but it got stuffy in here Clyde”

Clyde: “Whatever, I might have to spend my extra savings on a babysitter”

Lily: “I can use that extra money! But whatever do what you want then”

On Clyde’s way out of the condo he stepped on all of Kimono’s toys….

When Lily is at work she does her best masking herself. To some of the coworkers she appeared to be a perfect hardworking reliable person. Lily tends to gossip and share her ugly side with her coworker and best friend, Lucy. Their best gossiping is done when they discuss guys they like when smoking cigarettes in the back alley of the workplace….

Lucy: “That party at Steve’s place last night was the best party ever since….wait! when was that other party we went to and met those sexy guys? (laughs)

Lily grins at Lucy with the most jolly smile, holding a cigarette full of ashes

Lucy: “Anyways, have you called your man since we left his place?”

Lily: “No, he has kids and I kind of hate kids”

Lucy: “He might be worth it” (while blowing smoke passed Lily’s face)

Lily: “Yea, that’s kinda true….he really was sexy”

Lucy: “Hey, I’m older than you girl and sometimes you just gotta get what you can get”

Lily: (smiles stupidly, then looks at her phone) “We’re late for our shift!”

The both of them rush into the workplace building

Clyde knocked on the front door with heavy-hands…. Lucy answered the door

Clyde: “Who’re you?”

Lucy: “Oh hello I’m Lily’s friend…. My name is Lucy, are you her brother?”

Clyde: “Yea” (walks inside of the condo)

Lucy: “Woah, don’t be so mean mister”

Clyde: “I’m here to get my daughter so excuse me”

Lucy: “Where did you just come from?”

Clyde: “Work!” (while standing in the living room staring at Lucy’s pretty face)

Lucy: “Lily is upstairs with baby Kimono”

Clyde: “Thanks for telling me that, I’ll wait until she comes down” (while taking a better look at Lucy’s luscious figure)

Lucy: “What do you like to do besides work?”

Clyde; “Nothing else really just work, and take care of Kimono”

Lucy: “Awww, How old are you Clyde?”

Clyde: “32 years old, how about you?”

Lucy: “I’m 40 years old, but just about thirty-two years old also” (smiles at Clyde)

Clyde and Lucy have a full length conversation… When Lily came downstairs with Kimono the conversation was silenced. Clyde gathered a few of Kimono’s belongings and held her tight. Before he walked out the door Lucy gave Clyde her phone number.

A few years went by and Clyde and Lucy have been in a relationship for a while…. Kimono turned 14 years old. Through the rough times Clyde and Lucy would have; Kimono kept Clyde from being sad.

Sometimes Lucy would surprise Clyde and Kimono when she visited at random hours of the night. One cold lonely night Lucy banged on the front door and Kimono opened the door to the apartment.

Lucy: ‘Let me in I have to tell Clyde something important honey!”

Kimono: “Like what?!” (in a squeaky little voice)

Lucy: “Adult stuff kiddo, so can you move out of the doorway?”

Kimono: “Why are you wearing those shoes Miss Lucy?”

Lucy barged her way inside. Kimono laughed when Lucy stumbled into the living-room

Lucy: “Dammit Kimono why don’t you help your Dad cleanup?”

Kimono: (replies in a girly squeaky voice) “Because I was busy working out and doing sit-ups!”

Lucy: “Ok, whatever, where’s Clyde at?”

Kimono: (slightly frowns) “In the room”

Lucy marched into the back room with the smell of perfume and cigarettes trailing her…. Clyde was posted on the bed with a beer in his hand watching a movie

Lucy: “Really Clyde?!”

Clyde: “Oh hey…. What now Lucy!?”

Lucy: “You didn’t respond to any of my text messages”

Clyde: “I’ve been posted here waiting for you all day, I thought you might have been coming her earlier?”

Lucy: “Whatever Clyde, I have something to tell you, so turn the movie off and put down your beer”

Clyde grabs the remote, turned the television off but continues drinking his beer

Lucy: ‘Clyde…. I’m pregnant”

Clyde: “Woah really, what’re you gonna do, what’re we gonna do, don’t abort it”

Lucy: “I’m not really sure but I guess I can move in with you and Kimono”

The next day at school Kimono couldn’t focus. The fact that her Dad got Lucy pregnant made her mad. She sat in class scribbling drawings in her journal instead of taking notes. When recess came around one of Kimino’s friends gave her a note from a boy that likes her.

Jenifer: “Look what I gooooot!” (smiling from ear to ear)

Kimono: (Slowly says) “Thanks…. You wrote me another note”

Jenifer: “Nooo, it’s a note from Quincy, the boy that likes you!!”

Kimono: “I don’t wanna read that note right now…. I’m mad Jenifer”

Jenifer: “Why?”

Kimono: “Because my Dad got a stupid immature lady pregnant!”

Jenifer: “Your gonna be a big sister? I’m jelly”

Kimono: (Smiles then purposefully frowns) “I’ll take that note but can you leave me alone, I need to figure out what I’m gonna do about my new situation”

Jenifer: (laughs) “Okay Kimono don’t burn your apartment down, or do anything crazy (giggles)

Kimono laughs then quickly stops giggling. Jenifer walked away taking last minute glances at her friend Kimono while blending into the playground full of kids…. When P.E class came around Kimono took out her frustration in a game of Dodgeball

“Great job Kimono!”  yelled the P.E teacher

Kimono was one of few kids on the Dodgeball court. Kimono threw her balls on target and took out a bunch of her classmates. One kid got accidently hurt from Kimonos throwing skills.

When Kimono got home from school Lucy greeted her when she walked into her home.

Lucy: “So, your Dad didn’t get you from school?”

Kimono doesn’t answer Lucy, instead she stared at her pregnant belly and walked passed her toward her bedroom

Lucy: (Yells) “So your not gonna talk to me today!”

Silence dawned in the almost empty apartment. Lucy got up off the couch and trailed Kimono.

Lucy: “What’s your problem Kimono?”

Kimono throws her backpack on the floor, the apartment seemed to shake in fury

Kimono: “Your not my Mom Lucy and I want you to remember that!”

Lucy: “If we’re gonna be family your gonna have to listen to me or you might be moving out before you turn 18 years old missy”

Kimono: “I’ve been here waaaaay longer than you so we’ll have to see what my Dad…. I mean, Clyyyyde has to say about what you think”

Lucy: “Alright, hopefully he’ll help me fix that smart mouth of yours”

Lucy walked out of Kimonos colorful painted room

Soon after Lucy closed the bedroom door; Kimono throws one of her school textbooks- the wooden door panels chipped.

Clyde finally arrived at home, he noticed Lucy on the patio smoking another cigarette, blowing smoke out like a furnace. Lucy turned around and slowly looked in Clyde’s direction. When she realized that it was him and not Kimono, she threw her lit cigarette over the patio ledge and sprinted into the living-room.

Clyde: “Why are you still smoking Lucy”

Lucy: “You need to start making Kimono respect me Clyde”

Clyde: “You guys need to get along, or not talk to each other for a while…. Kimono is kind of edgy” (Clyde tried to hold in his smile)

Lucy: “This is serious stuff Clyde, I kept this baby for the sake of you, me…. and Kimono”

Clyde: “Yea, yea, yea…. You go drink some water and put your cigarettes on the kitchen counter”

Clyde walked into Kimonos bedroom where she laid in her bed silently sleeping like a baby….

The dysfunctional family continued to have several miscommunications. Lucy has been stuck in her ways and intentionally feuds with Kimono. Lucy lacks the mother instinct with her unstable attitude and party-going.  After Lucy gave birth to baby Jimmy she was hazardous to the entire family….. Baby Jimmy got rashes, food poisoned, and Lucy almost burned down their home…. Clyde was always awake, it was like he was a sleepwalking-working-machine – There were uncountable amount of times Lucy came home late drunk and ugly. There was one major happening when Clyde was fed-up with her non-sense- Lucy was hysterical,  she threatened to harm Clyde and Kimono. Clyde didn’t let that slide, and he told Lucy to gather all her cherished items and leave…. However, Lucy threw her wedding-band, knocked over family pictures, took a black glass jar out of the hallway closet, then walked out of the front door….

Days later Lucy and Clyde were officially divorced and separated…. Without Lucy at the apartment, things seemed to be going smoothly in the house….

Clyde and the family of three completely! recovered from the divorce….

Kimono is Twenty-four years old

Baby Jimmy is Ten years old,

Over the passed few years Kimono has only been to county jail a few times for minor crimes like harassment, and selling marijuana. Kimono knows how to speak, read, and write Japanese. Kimono’s favorite thing to say in Japanese is “Yubi”. Her younger brother Jimmy always gets annoyed when his big-sister comments on things in Japanese.

Once more,

Clyde had to work another overnight shift. Kimono and Jimmy posted at their comfortable apartment.

Clyde would always send Kimono random texts messages saying “Don’t cause Jimmy any trouble”

While jimmy and Kimono sat in the living-room, she couldn’t stop smiling at her phone

Jimmy: ”Has Dad texted you?”

Kimono: “Uh…. No”

Jimmy: “So stop looking at me, loser”

Kimono: “Do your homework then!”

Jimmy slightly frowns then continues writing

Jimmy appeared to be focused but Kimono broke the silence…. “Yubi”

Jimmy stopped writing then looked at his sister with a serious face

Kimono: “So whatchya gonna do” (giggles)

Jimmy throws his small textbook at Kimono,

The textbook nicely landed on the cushion next to her

Kimono: “Jimmy! Stop being mean, you know I can karate chop you and break you in half like wood” (giggles) while Jimmy tried not to smile

Jimmy shook his head in disagreement but kept doing his homework,

(Kimono’s phone rang)

She quickly grabbed her phone, and runs to the bedroom her and Jimmy share

Kimono’s boyfriend: “You can’t come over tonight”

Kimono: “Again! Really? Why?”

Kimono’s boyfriend: “Because I’m busy with alotta stuff I have to do”

Kimono: “Oh, whatever I’ll see you later then” (hangs up her phone aggressively)

Before Clyde arrived back home in the early morning, Kimono was woken up by a phone call from Jimmy’s school. Jimmy got suspended from school for pulling the fire alarm. The principal told Kimono Jimmy has been spoken to about lingering near the fire alarm looking suspicious. Kimono started laughing but gathered herself- The principal said Jimmy was already on his way home…

When Jimmy got home he seemed to be excited to tell Kimono what he did. His childish voice was happy when he explained the details to his bigger-sister. Before Jimmy could explain the whole story, Kimono stopped being intrigued then started to tell Jimmy all the things he shouldn’t be doing at school. The cheezy-grin on Jimmy’s face slowly went away when Kimono reminded him of her experience in jail- Then Clyde arrived home a few minutes after Kimono was done speaking to Jimmy, he could already tell that Kimono has gotten the best of Jimmy again. Clyde smiled at both of his children then asked them if they wanted breakfast…. Jimmy leapt off the couch and ran toward the bedroom to put on a shirt. Kimono trailed Jimmy into their room.

Kimono turned off her cell phone,

tossed it on the floor.

And walked out of the door with her Dad and Jimmy.

A few poems from my book “The informal fixx”

Mask Scary: It wasn’t Halloween but she applied the facial-cream

That made her face a fanciful field so unseen

She’s pretty and its scary it’s scary that she’s pretty

Under the smooth mask scary is a landscape gritty,

Woman I wonder why naturalness seems shitty

Looks aren’t everything although….

While sifting shifting the shit to your face to look spiffy

Woman I wonder about your action sometimes with a passion

The beauty is widespread upon your face and head but instead you add dread to your masterpiece

It may be hard to imagine but my pen leaks like the ink on your face

Your true beauty is hard to erase so it’s easy for me to trace

Easy for me to draw- the ugly truth the ugly beauty that I saw

I don’t mean to claw- around but mask scary is not a noun and woman you’re more than that

More than a mask its sad man, can you see mascara is scary on a woman already complete

One of my favorite works of Literature,

titled “Circles” available in my Book “The informal fixx”

The game of Chess swirls whirls, pens poetry feeling blocks like leaves in a straight singular patter. if a circle is a circle while poetics portray a rhythm that flows backward forward toward a poem portrait portrayed something unknown – Written by me:) T. Ponder.

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