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I’m not sure whether to categorize this work of Literature as a Novella or Novel HOWEVER,
“Story of a life” (Over 10,000 words) is a streamline series of my experiences with love, tragedy and growth. My novella-Novel also includes quotes from music artists that I grew up with. (Over 10,000 words) I hope a publisher would like to work with me and this piece of Literature. (

#Sampleread of “Story of a life”

“Kindergarten at Emerson elementary, 1990”

My first teacher! I would have to say, was a mean woman during these school days. As I reflect, I remember a day when us students walked through the long dungeon-like hallways. Whenever students were not in a straight line she would scream. I didn’t like when she did that, but I didn’t let her anger change my personality. I always remembered the hallways at Emerson having a scent that smelled nasty, my best guess is dirty mop water. One day all of us students walked through the dark, stinky, hallways, and the teacher watched us from a distance. I walked inside of the classroom and I randomly got the idea to jump on the table that was in front of me. (Tables! Yes, we didn’t have desks at the time). My kindergarten classroom was super boring, I guess it may have been something to do for excitement. My short legs didn’t t stop me from jumping on the table. The moment I stood on top of the school table I felt good! There weren’t any classroom assignments on the tables the day when I went gliding through the air. I jumped to the next table, then the next table, and I landed with my feet on the floor. The kids that seen me jump across the tables were happy. (Yes! More tables) another day at Emerson, me and a few pursued to run across some tables. As I reflect, running on top of tables in our classroom may have been our unspoken reaction to our teacher shouting at us all the time. On many different days at school I continued to step on the tables in the classroom. As a result I was sent to the office, I was assigned to another kindergarten classroom. After that happened, I met my brother Cam. We looked the same being short in height, with brown skin and we always said the word “Tight” (back then “tight” was a slang word that meant cool) I also met lifelong friends Keenan, Erin, Ashton, and Kiana. When I met more people the dark days of my passed started to become distant.

Another story I have to share from my Elementary school days is when Cam, Keenan, and I sat at a small table drawing pictures. I looked at Cam’s art and his drawing of a person had breasts. I thought that was super funny, I drew breasts on my person too. Cam, Keenan, and I sat at our tiny table laughing. Ms.G walked near our table, looked down at our art and said we had to erase our drawings.

“Suffered from my passed decisions,
I was just a spastic nigga,
Wasn’t a scholastic nigga” –A. Rawlo

When I was in 3rd grade at Emerson, Cam, Keenan, Erin and I were in the same classroom- it was like a reunion from kindergarten. I finally had a teacher with patience. This year I truly learned, and we all had a good time. Cam was a math genius! We had to do stupid timed math tests and he would always finish first. This school year became more fun because my brother s Alex and Andre switched schools and became students at Emerson. Sometimes I got the chance to spend the night at Alex and Andre s house and walk to school with them….The group of my friends and I got older and we moved out of the Seattle school district, but we stay connected to each other. I’m thankful that I met genuine people early in my life. These people are not like the bad teachers that I had to sit in a classroom with.

“I moved, love grew”

The summer before 4th grade I moved to Skyway. Lake Washington was still in walking distance from where I stayed. Another good thing about the new area was that my cousins Preston, Galen, and Geno lived in walking distance from me. In a short amount of time I met a few neighbors that were also my classmates. Before I met them I assumed that Bryn Mawr students were all Caucasian (or White, your preference) Anyways, I was wrong. My three closest friends at the time were of different culture  I’m gonna take my best guess- Leyanna is Cambodian, JJ is of a mixed race and Ana-Leah is of a mixed race…. I always picked Leyanna on my team for basketball at recess! She was a great 3-point shooter. Leyanna was fun and she spoke her mind. One day after school Leyanna and I walked home together. I kept asking her How was your day? She would not answer me! I asked her again, and I asked her again, and I asked her again. She finally said stop talking to me. We walked in silence for a while then I asked her one more time…. how was your day?  She grabbed the headphones that were around my neck, punched me, and tried to put me in a headlock. I broke out of her grasp and I ran away from her while laughing. JJ was my other true friend! We were in the same class at Bryn Mawr, JJ and I made up our own game named “Leaf Racing”  When it rained outside, JJ and I would find a leaf and rip a piece off it. After, we walked to the top of a nearby hill. The side of the street had a creek flowing downward. The leaf that made it to the bottom of the hill was the winner….Ana-Leah was my first love! As I reflect on our relationship together it was beautiful. I met her in class at Bryn Mawr, then I realized that she lived close to me. Later in the school year Ana-Leah and me started to walk home together, we got to know each other well. We started to talk on the phone, played outside together, AND walk home from school together. Ana-Leah and me had a special hangout spot we named “The Ditch” The ditch was really a ditch, at the bottom of the street I lived on. The grass didn’t make us itch at the ditch…In due time, Ana-Leah moved away. I would get sad whenever I would walk to the corn store reminiscing….My older cousin Preston knew I loved Ana-Leah. Sometimes when Preston and I walked passed Ana-Leah s old house he started singing a sad song. I thought it was funny, it cheered me up, but I still missed seeing her.”

“Lost In The Woodland”

Cam, Greg, Karl, J. Wood, and I jumped in my car, the party at Washington State University didn’t seem far- It was supposed to be the party of the year. On our drive there it was oddly dark outside, the rustic one way road we were driving on was in the middle of nowhere. Trees towered over the car, the sky was filled with stars, and the only light on the road was the moon. Civilization! When we made it safely to the party….

The journey back to our apartment was different. I looked at the gas meter and we were running out of gas. I took a wrong turn, and we ended up in the deep woodlands of Eastern Washington. The area we were in looked like a scene from the movie Twilight. Somebody in the back seat shouted that we should turn around! The gas light was flashing, I didn’t t know how much farther we could travel but I kept mashing on the gas pedal….

A Deer appeared in the middle of the road, I slowed down and almost brought my car to a stop. There was a moment of silence between all of us in the vehicle. The Deer walked off of the frozen road, then there was no avoiding the icy hill in front of us. I wasn’t sure if I should drive up it or not. I nervously pushed on the gas pedal and the car slowly moved forward. While I continued to push on the gas pedal the tires couldn’t grip the frozen surface of the road. I lost control of the wheel, we hit a pile of snow, the car lifted up off the ground, spun in the air, and landed. Placing us in the middle of the road, facing the direction that we came from.

Another moment of silence was shared between all of us in the vehicle. I couldn’t imagine what other obstacles we would have faced if I continued driving us through that dark mysterious mystic area of the woods. It was already bad enough that we were a bunch of stupid college kids lost in the woods. Not long after that adventure, Cam and Greg wanted to move back to Seattle. Soon after, I packed my belongings and left college also….

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