“Spirits of fog 2”

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Spirits of fog 2” Written by: T. Ponder

Spirits of fog 2: Josh gained his self-confidence when he moved far far away from St. Peter’s Park, Graveyard work, and his creepy ex-girlfriend Gabriela…. Josh’s calm was now restored.

Car headlights don’t seem like orbs as much as they used to. However, Josh isn’t outside after 3:00am anymore. Besides enjoying his day job he spends a lot of time with his new Fiance Stella.

One day Josh got off work and somehow got lost in the new culdesac him and his Fiance Stella stays in. Josh took one wrong turn that placed him in a long row of houses, he lightens his foot on the gas pedal. Josh was amazed at the emptiness. House after house…. for sale, vacant, for sale, vacant…. Josh became nervous. When he reached the end of the road there was a few empty parking spaces…. in Josh’s noticed an inviting opening to a large half-gated park with tall colorful trees. Some of the trees were Alien-Green and after Josh noticed that, the park wasn’t as serene. Josh felt the urge to park his car. As he pulled into the vacant parking space Josh’s car-radio became full of static. He winced at the horrible sound to his ears…. Josh got out of his car like he was in a trance then slowly approached the clearing of the oddly beautiful park.

After Josh set-foot in the closed-cluster of colorful trees, he heard his cell phone ring…. the sound of his ring-tone seemed distant, echoes of his favorite song chimed at his ears. That was when he realized that he left his phone in the car.

Stella: “How are you honey?”

Josh: “I’m okay I got kind of sidetracked and decided to investigate a new Forrest-Park in our area.”

Stella: “Oh….well come home I cooked for us.”

Josh: “Okay, okay, okay, on my way, bye.”

Josh felt the need to get one last look at the new Forrest. The silence brought chills to Josh’s spine. Then he realized that the clustered walking trail led to a drop-off, or a cliff?

But Josh got in the car in silence with no radio on and slowly drove home.

The next day Josh decided to leave work early. The mysterious beautiful park was on his mind all day; even his friend & fellow coworker noticed that he was working slow…. slow as a slug on a hot day….

But josh sped passed the vacant houses leading to the Forrest.

Josh trekked through the Forrest in a hurry to see what the mysterious cliff would lead to…. Josh sped walked through the clustered plant-filled trail. Different odors made his nose itch…. His eyes could not stop blinking while he walked passes colorful shrubs and trees; the Forrest was like a wonderland…. when Josh arrived to the edge of the cliff, the walking trail vanished and there was oddly rainbow colored shrubs under Josh’s feet.

When Josh reached the bottom of the Cliff/drop-off, the daylight was like night time. Josh was mesmerized by the overly tropical appearance of the shrubs; he stooped down to get a better look…. the same instant that Josh touched one of the vivid colored plants, his cell phone started to vibrate. Josh quickly grabbed his phone to see who was calling…. The caller I.D read unknown caller, the phone number that appeared had numbers and letters blended on the screen of his cell phone.

Josh answered the phone,


A piercing screech rang through his eardrum….

Josh dropped his cell phone….

After he collected himself he realized that his cell phone vanished.

After Josh searched and crawled under overgrown shrubs, he decided to head back to his car. Josh trekked up the cliff slow & steady. Somehow, he takes a downward tumble. Josh rolled down the cliff, the momentum kept Josh from stopping.

While Josh’s eyes were shut he felt himself lift off of the shrubs…. Josh realized that he’s no longer rolling down the cliff. When Josh opened his eyes he realized he’s standing in the middle of a humongous Crop-circle. Josh carefully stepped on a few intricately laid plants. Even when Josh broke a few of the plants, the Crop-circle pattern seemed to remain flawless. Sunbeams oddly shined on certain areas of the giant Crop-circle. Different hues and vues appeared in Josh’s vision…. When Josh tried to walk straight the intricate patterns inside of the Crop-circle made him more confused and lost…. Unknowingly, Josh walked around the Crop-circle for a few hours, When he stepped on something that crunched, his trance was broken…. Josh found his cell phone under a shrub blended inside of the Crop-circle.

After Josh hiked up a cliff that he fell down….

He realized that the cliff that he hiked up was not the same.

Somehow, this new area of terrain was more lit. The trees and shrubs combined looked like a mystic fantasy-land, Josh wondered in a trance-like state.

He tripped and fell on another shrub but this time didn’t lose his phone. When Josh laid on the fluffy vivid shrubs he realized that he missed a phone call, the number on his phone was not recognizable. As he laid on the rainbow colorful shrubs he listened to the voice-mail…. Josh was frightened when he realized that it was his ex-girlfriend Gabriela. Josh could not understand how or why she called him, of all people, and at such a bad time. He didn’t even give her his new phone number.

Josh sat on the shrubs frightened how Gabriela’s voice sounded like she was lingering in the Forrest with him. However, he continued his trek in the magical Forrest…. The GPS on his phone showed that he was only a few miles away from where he parked his car. There were unmarked plants that misguided what the GPS read.

Instantly! The trail of shrubs Josh was staring at while walking became dark; The entire Forrest became pitch-black…. Josh’s cell phone vibrates but nobody was calling…. The screen on his phone flickered red, green, purple, and blue….something that Josh has never seen.

Right before Josh’s eyes…. an Alienoid being came out from inside of a rustic tree. The ultra-human appearance frightened Josh. The Animalsitic screech that the creature made sent Josh in a frantic sprint.

(little did he know; Josh was stepping on little Crop-circles as he sprinted)

The faster Josh would sprint, the Alienoid creature would appear in front of him…. It was like the creature could teleport through the mystic Forrest. As Josh continued to frantically sprint, he slightly adapted…. quickly sprinting through the dark, gloominess, leaping over taller shrubs, cutting through smaller mini trails. The more that he heard screeches to his far right, screeches to his far left, adrenaline kept him sprinting.

Josh found a hidden cove of undergrowth, he decided to stay-put to conserve energy. As Josh listened closely to his surrounding…. he realized there were two different screeches. Two different creatures, trekking through the dark foggy Forrest. One of the Alieniod creatures grabbed Josh by the ankles and dragged him further into the darkness. Josh screamed as he felt his shirt tearing on the surface of the Forrest. Flickers of daylight appeared while Josh seemed to be teleporting while being dragged.

Josh caught a glimpse of the Alienoid Creature: It had it’s mouth open, there seemed to be over 1000 teeth, vivid green skin, and unshaped bulky muscles…. Josh’s momentum of being dragged stopped instantly when ANOTHER Alienoid creature appeared from inside of a dim rustic tree and tackled the creature that had Josh in it’s clutches. Loud screeches of two creatures fighting pierced Josh’s eardrums.

Josh began to run, in the distance was a cliff….

The cliff appeared to be the same exact cliff that he stumbled upon. Josh sprinted with all of the strength that he had left, he made it to the clearing, the Forrest was lit, Josh fell to his knees when he reach his car…. seemed like nothing changed as the enchanted Forrest sat behind him in the distance Josh gathered himself, jumped in his car, and sped home to Stella.

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