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“Spirits Of Fog Series”
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(REVIEW) of “Spirits of fog series”
“I was kind of skeptical about the story from the beginning but as I continued reading on the story began to unfold, I was able to grasp the concept and storyline. This should definitely be a book or movie”
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My short story “Spirits of fog” (1) has made it to ThePenOfKesp #culture #literature #newsletter – #supportfilm HOWEVER, “Spirits of fog 3” was released on #SciFiFriday thee closing of my Series. -From Author T. Ponder:)> ,

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Also, ‘THE AUTHOR OF MYSTICS’- mysteries and mystics which are expressed in a few of the Books that I Wrote as well as pieces of Literature and Art – I’ve been an ‘in-the-closet’ Author for about 7 plus years, recently I’ve received my 2year Blogger Anniversary with WordPress.

With the hardships that I’ve faced in the early stages of Authorships I kept skill-building with my Craft of Writing and learning of Languages – in the past; after long nights of being alone….(like Harry Potter) I learned more about myself

I’ve even been Interviwed in person and Online, conducted my own interviews for gathering information….

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