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Rupert sat in his love seat holding a hand mirror while staring at his long gray facial hair. The television was silent while a pornographic film was on his television screen.

Rupert was mesmerized by the imagery of the porno playing on the screen. His living room walls were filled with flickers of television flashes. The dim kitchen lights shined enough to gleam on top of Rupert’s bald head.

Rupert gained a spurt of energy then got up out of his love seat. Rupert’s knees, neck, and back cracked harmoniously with the sounds of the wooden floorboards. The hallway that leads to his room is like a chamber. Rupert sorrowfully regrets the bed his ex-wife talked him into buying. The large mirror hanging above his bed enhanced his fading physique. Rupert puts on his favorite shirt, his favorite coat, his favorite shoes, walked out of his front door and views the hues.

The noises outside were full of excitement compared to what Rupert is used to. Sun rays gleamed in Rupert’s eyes making it hard for him to see clear. Rupert felt the need to explore instead of doing chores at his house. One of the youngsters who usually always opens his mailbox without permission shouted “Hey Baldy” However, Rupert couldn’t see him nor hear him. After a long walk Rupert arrived at a local shop that he’s never been to.

Ibogayne: “Hey there mister…. Uh”

Rupert: “The names Rupert!”

Ibogayne (politely smiles at Rupert) “What can I do for you Sir Rupert?”

Rupert: “Looking around! I might buy a hat”

Ibogayne: “Splendid! I have a new selection of blimey unworldly hats!”

Rupert: “What do you mean by that, what does blimey mean?”

Ibogayne “Don’t worry follow me man come look at what I got” (points to a shelf on the other side of the shop)

Rupert: ‘Why do all of the hats look exactly the same?”

Ibogayne: (whispers) “Each hat is different inside”

Rupert: (Stares at the hats on the shelf memorized)

Rupert is high, shroomy, and Ibogay overdosed. Rupert walked with a great-full galloping step while peering views at females and youngsters. Rupert felt like he was completely invisible.

When Rupert arrived at his house he slowly walked inside; aches and pains were the least of his worries because his new hat made him feel like a new person. He walked passed the unthawed meat on his kitchen counter, but stumbles on a broom. The staircase made the same cracks as his bones while he made his way toward his empty room.

Rupert laid on his bed with his hat on his head and stared at himself in the mirror. All of a sudden Rupert started to feel depressed; from his view of his reflection, bones to his chest; a headache made its way to Rupert’s skull. The only thing Rupert could do was embrace the new item that he bought.

Before Rupert goes to sleep he felt like his entire body was being massaged. From his toes to the top of his overheating bald head…. He started to drench in sweat then Rupert WARPS!

…. While Rupert shapeshifts into a form like Jello, all he could do was accept it. Rupert lands in a realm that he could never imagine; he thought he overdosed on medication, overdosed on something? Old man Rupert took his first step.

His first levitating-like step in the realm of purple mystic trees…. Rupert was horrified but kept moving forward. In his path was a humongous mirror, Rupert glided toward it and couldn’t stop himself. He got closer to the mirror and the view of himself got smaller. Rupert didn’t appear fat, he didn’t appear tall, he didn’t appear small…. Rupert, didn’t appear to be bald.

Rupert broke through the mirror reflection however he didn’t fall.

Somehow Rupert landed on a chess pattern with other designs he’s never imagined seeing.

For the first time on his adventure he looked up and fluffy green clouds were inches above his head.

Rupert’s exploration seemed like a mystic journey in space

Of green hues, blues, yellows, purples, or yellows, greens, blues, and purples

Rupert felt a cold Jello-like touch on the top of his head…. When he turned to view what or who

A gorgeous color-coated-alien-like female with no eyebrows appeared in Rupert’s face closer than a mirror

Suddenly the speed of Rupert levitating movement increased. The both of them appeared to levitate side by side, this mysterious womanlike thing took Rupert for a ride. Rupert could only see blurs! blurs of color like a canvas smudged with paint. Meanwhile the scary sounds of her merciless cackling laugh made Rupert feel like he was going to faint. The mysterious female took Rupert to another realm where everybody that teased him about being bald appeared. Her sadistic laugh were razorblades to Rupert’s ears. Miraculously! Rupert’s view became clear; finally the hysterical delusions disappeared.

Gorgeous females with eyebrows appeared, Rupert felt warm and full of joy. One of the females said “Here” with a voice like a song; handed Rupert a comb, a mirror levitated nearer. The group of gorgeous alienoid-females seemed to find fondness in Rupert. With a comb in Rupert’s hand he stared at himself, touched the top of his head and realized that his bald spot was no longer there. Rupert dropped the comb in mere shock, he looked down where the comb was on the ground, the hair comb seemed to be inside of a mirror. Rupert bent down to grab the comb however he falls through the mirror and lands in his bed.

Rupert woke up then scratched the top of his head.

I would like to partnership with someone and or company to make “The mad hatter’s havoc” a motion picture / film. (Tevinponder@gmail.com).  – I met with an acquaintance of mine who’s an aspiring music artist. Me and him had a conversation about his experience with “Astral Projection” I was intrigued by some of the fantasy-like descriptions he told me about traveling in outer-space. After the conversation that we had I was influenced to write some sort of literature. “The Mad Hatter’s Havoc” is a short story with a mystic twist on the topic of #astralprojection.